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Summer 2

We have had a very busy half term! It has been lovely to see the children outside enjoying the lovely learning opportunities in our outdoor area. We have had lots of achievements in physical development this term with lots of children developing good letter formation and many learning to hula-hoop! Well done everyone! The children really took to our topic about Frogs. I have also had so many weird and wonderful insects to look at every day. They have really enjoyed it, and it has really helped with their writing, We’ve had books made, posters and fact files. The children have really enjoyed our art work this term especially our beautiful spider web pictures.

The children have worked hard in literacy. We have been practising writing in sentences and using finger spaces and full stops. Many children are now reading independently and can often be seen in the reading corner sharing books.

In Maths, we have been learning about doubling and counting in 2’s. I have been amazed with their growing shape knowledge. They can not only name the shapes but also describe their properties.  They have talked about faces, edges and corners.

Next term we will being a new topic entitled, ‘Take One Picture’. We will be looking at the work of ‘Vincent Van Gogh. We will begin with his work ‘Sunflowers’ We will be planting them and watching them grow. We will be drawing and painting a sunflower. We will describe a sunflower, remembering capital letters and full stops. We will listen to stories about flowers and plants;

Katie and the Sunflower by James Mayhew

Jim and the beanstalk by Raymond Briggs

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes

Following on from this we look at his painting ‘Starry Night’. We will find out all about Space. We will be listening to songs about space and finding out about the Solar System and the Moon. We will find out about rockets and writing a Space story. We will introduce the children to the phrase, ‘Once upon a time… and using this in our writing.

Space Vocabulary Overview






Solar system


Planet names









moon buggy










Please can we have a concerted effort with reading this half term. I cannot stress enough what an advantage it is to your child to read their RWI books regularly and particularly at the weekend. The children who read regularly gain a great advantage as they understand the text and can apply it to their writing. It really shows on Mondays if they haven’t tackled the text as they are behind the other children in terms of fluency and understanding the story. Please help to give your child an advantage rather than a disadvantage. It will also really help with the transition to Year 1 as fluency will be key to the children’s progress.


In Maths we will continue our work ordering to 20 and beyond. Please practise number recognition to 20 with your child at home if this is not secure, it will really get off to a flying start in Year 1 if they know these numbers. We will be working on sharing and learning to count in 10’s and 5’s. We will also be working on knowing the number bonds to 5. We will also be collecting data.

Vocabulary; addition, share, divide, count, data, tally


In Computing we will continue to use ‘Numbots’ and the children have also been introduced to an App called ‘Kodable’ which we will continue to use. We will begin a unit on ‘Introducing Data’ Children sort and categorise data and are introduced to branching databases and pictograms.

Vocabulary; Category, group, pattern, size, height, length, altogether, share, divide

Here are the targets we are working towards this term:

  • To read and write using words that contain ‘2 letters 1 sound’ e.g. sh, ch, ck, ss, ll
  • To learn words we cannot sound out e.g. the, I, said, of, my
  • To count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • To collect data
  • To estimate and count objects reliable to 20
  • Addition and subtraction to 20
  • To practise retelling stories of their making
  • Reading at home
  • Writing in different styles e.g. lists, factfiles, stories

If you feel your child has already achieved these you could support us by:

  • Number sentences with missing numbers e.g.   ? +? =10   or  
  • ? +3 =15   or    ? +? +? =12, or    7=? – 9
  • Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers practically
  • Count in steps of 3
  • Writing sentences using full stops and finger spaces

Useful websites

Key Dates

7th June 2021                        Start of term

21st June 2021                        Sponsored Event (Alzheimer Society)

22nd July 2021                      End of term

Thank you for all your support