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Summer 2

Our learning in Year 4 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as delving into and exploring new topics and skills.


Pupils will be working this half-term towards writing 2 independent pieces. The first piece will be a recount in the form of a letter. This will be based on Ernest Shackleton’s Journey.  Pupils will learn all about the different things that he encountered along the way and then write a letter home about one day in particular. The second piece will then be a narrative, where pupils will get the chance to use their imagination and create their own adventure story. All of our English will be taught through the Talk for Writing approach which focuses on the pupils’ ability to speak the language and features required before then attempting to write it.


Many grammatical terms and features will continue to be taught through our English lessons but pupils will also take part in separate Grammar lessons. Within these lessons, we will be recapping all that we have learnt this year whilst ensuring that all pupils have a solid understanding of how to identify and use each feature.  


Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge. Pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete sessions but the expectation for pupils to complete at least 2 lessons a week at home still remains.

Recount     journey      letter    story map     innovation   implantation     boxed up plan     perspective     encounter     inform     suspense    adventure     clauses    apostrophes   contraction    conjunction    preposition    pronoun   possessive pronoun   determiner    fronted adverbial   prefix    suffix    word class    inverted comma    comma    paragraphs     command    statement    question    exclamation


Guided Reading

Pupils will continue with their work on reading for inference which was introduced last year. Having now become confident in all the skills, pupils will be working in small groups to share and discuss a text using the various skills that they have practiced. They will listen to each other and will have justify their own viewpoints especially if they differ from someone else’s. Having to do this will support their use of locating and finding evidence. Pupils will continue to develop their comprehension skills through answering questions.


fluency    key word      important     specific    recover    meaning     relate     relationship    annotate   unpick     understand    evidence    relevant    accurate    justify     support    explain     conflicting views       


Pupils will start off the term by recapping their work on time which was the focus just before half-term. This is an area of Maths that needs to be recapped every day both at home and in school. After this, pupils will move on to statistics, which will see them creating their own graphs and charts as well as drawing conclusions from those already given. The final topic for Year 4 will then be Geometry. Within this they will look at various shapes, angles, position and translation.

Every week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Math’s lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding through a series of deepening and enriching tasks.

Times Tables will be a huge focus in class, with daily teaching and practice. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 in order to access all of the curriculum. Pupils should also work on their times table at home.


Analogue    digital   pm    am     hours    minutes    seconds     quarter to     quarter past    half past    o clock    line graph    bar chart    pictogram     increase     decrease     scale     axis     conclusions      data      quadrilaterals      triangles     angles    acute     obtuse     right angle    translation     up   down    left    right   

Other Subjects


We will be following Kapow for our Computing this term and will be focusing on Data Handling: Investigating weather. Pupils will be recording their own weather forecast, use keywords to find information and data on the Internet, understand about weather stations, design their own way of recording the weather and inputting their own data on a spreadsheet.


Data     weather station     signal     input     spreadsheet    accurate   climate zone    collaboration    thermometer     forecast    script     measurement    presenter    backdrop     sensor    solar panel   


Our final topic in PSHE is transition. Pupils will use this lesson to reflect on their time in Year 4 and how far they have come as both a class and an individual. We will look at setting targets for the following year and how we can all support each other as we move into Year 5.


Goal      achievement     change     grow    pride      transition     confidence    self-belief 


Our topic within RE is How and why do people show their commitment during the journey of life? Within this unit, Pupils will look at a selection of different religions and the various ceremonies that occur throughout someone’s life at different milestones.


Baptism    marriage     Bar Mitzvah      ceremony     milestones    life    journey    commitment     values    sacred     sacrifice    


Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. One lesson will be focused on Rounders and the other on Foot Golf.

Rounders – within Rounders pupils will develop their ability to strike a ball and aim to develop their accuracy as to the direction and placement of the ball. In addition to this, we will look at the key skills needed when fielding such a long and short barrier and how to bowl correctly. On top of this, all pupils will become confident with the rules.


Rounders      strike    bat   ball    fielders     long barrier    short barrier     bowl   under arm    over arm     base     score     out     no ball     over run      post     bowling box     batters square      runner       team      accuracy     placement     distance    


Foot Golf – this will be the first time many of these pupils will have experienced Foot Golf. Pupils will develop an accuracy in passing and just as in golf, will aim to score points by getting the ball into a certain area. As pupils become more confident, they will take on the ultimate Foot Golf course and keep score, trying to end on a score that is under par.


Kick     accuracy     aim     under par    birdie    over par    Golf Course       team    score 

Strike    power     speed   


In History, we will be learning about The Roman Empire. Within this we will look at the Roman Army, Julius Caeser, Augustus (the first Emperor), Emperors Claudius and Nero, Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius and the Jewish Roman War.


Province     governor    legion     rebel     frontier     forts     Gaul   Julius Caeser    Pompey     Foreign   Brutus    Idea of March     Descended    Cunning     Augustus    emperor    Claudius     proclaim    advantage    aqueducts    Nero    Colosseum    Pompeii    Vesuvius    Vapour     Pliny    Debris     Judeo    Rebellion    Imperial


In Geography, we will be looking at Population. We will look at what population is, migration, multi-ethnic London, multi-ethnic Cardiff, the Welsh language and Culture and Welsh and Identify.


Population     population density     sparsely populated    densely populated    distribution     migration    rural    urban     ethnic    diverse    census     ethnicity    Welsh     Cymraeg     Eisteddfod     Wales     British    Identity   


In French this half term, we be looking at sport. Pupils will be able to name a range if sports, discus which ones they like and why, they will look at a few different sporting venues such as football Stadia and also focus in on Wimbledon.


Le foot      le tennis    le tennis de table    le basket    le cricket    le rugby    la danse     la natation    lle skate    le surf     j’aime    je adore   j’aime faire    unse Stade     un terrain     un arbitre       un sifflet       un ballon de foot    un spectateur   c’est    un court      une raquette    un arbitre   



Music will be taught through a programme called Kapow and our topic is called Adapting and Transposing motifs (The Romans). Pupils will be learning a new song, listening out for the repetitive phrase in the lyrics and notes in the song, writing their own motif and combine several groups motifs together to perform as a group.


Backing track    beat    composing     in tune      lyrics    tempo    repetitive    motif     notation     vocal warm up       pitch    tempo      loop    key    call and response    base line    rhythm     transpose   


Science this term will all be focused on Electricity. Pupils will be able to identify common appliances that run off electricity, construct simple circuits and identify components such as bulbs, switches, cells and wires, understand the role of a switch and will be able to identify conductors.


Electricity     volt     bulb    circuit    switch    wire     cell     conductor     appliance     lamp      buzzer     motor  


This term, our DT will be linked to our Science which is focused on Electricity. Pupils will be tasked with designing and making their own working torch. To make this possible, pupils will need to create a simple circuit involving a switch, bulb and cell.


Equipment   shell     circuit     create    design     components     evaluate     adapt  

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Key dates:

Summer term starts – Monday 6th June

Multiplication check window – Monday 6th June – Friday 24th June

Sports Day – Wednesday 29th June

Soke Athletics (a selection of pupils) – Thursday 7th July

Race for Life – Friday 8th July.

Reports issued – Tuesday 12th July

Summer Fayre - Wednesday 20th July