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Summer 2

Have a look below to see what we will be learning about this term and keep an eye on Seesaw for extra information and to keep up to date with what we are all up to in school.


We will focus on Shape, Length and Height, Position and Direction and Mass, Capacity and Temperature. We will continue weekly practise of Number and Lightning to develop children's arithmetic skills.  

Key vocabulary

shape, 2D, 3D, sides, vertices, edges, faces, lines of symmetry, length, centimetres, metres, height, turn, half turn, quarter turn, full turn, clockwise, anticlockwise, weight, grams, kilograms, capacity, litres, millilitres, temperature


Instruction/Explanation text

We will be writing an explanation/instruction text using our previous Science learning (explaining how seeds grow). We will look at examples of instruction/explanation texts before we write our own.

Key vocabulary

Explanation text - command, imperative verb, steps, conjunctions, present tense, subheading, heading, facts

Computing – Creating Media: Stop Motion

We will learn that an animation is made up of a sequence of photographs, that small changes in the frames will create a smoother looking animation and understand which software creates simple animations and some of its features e.g. onion skinning.

Key Vocabulary:

animation, background, debug, drawing, evaluate, flipbook, fluid, frames, moving objects, onion skinning, pen tool, still images, static

Design and Technology: Templates and Joining Techniques

We will design, make and evaluate a puppet designed for younger children to play with. We will investigate fabrics, how to join them together and use some finishing techniques to complete the product.

Key Vocabulary:

template, pattern pieces, mark out, join, decorate, finish features, suitable, quality mock-up, design brief, design criteria, make, evaluate, user, purpose, function

Music - On this island: British songs and sounds

We will learn about the music of the British Isles to create, compose and evaluate our own music pieces working in groups.

Key vocabulary:

composition, duration, dynamics, inspiration, pitch, structure, tempo, texture, timbre

PSHE – Safety and the changing body

We will developing understanding of safety: roads, medicines and an introduction to online safety, distinguishing secrets from surprises, name body parts and looking at the concept of privacy.

Key vocabulary:

private, secret, surprise

PE - Athletics and Gymnastics

Kwik Cricket - we will learn how to play kwik cricket and the skills involved such as throwing, runs between wickets, catching the ball and hitting the ball

Football –  we will practise skills required in a football game such as dribbling, moving with the ball, passing, stopping the ball and shooting.

Key Vocabulary

Kwik cricket - cricket, runs, batter, bowled, caught, run out, stumped, hit wicket.

Football - dribbling, passing, shooting, defend, tackle

RE – What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?

We will learn about Hindu beliefs including deities and Gods and how Hindus show their faith within their families and communities and consider the value of taking part in Hindu communities on whether it is a good thing for everyone.

Key vocabulary

Hinduism, Hindus, deities, Gods, faith, beliefs, Diwali

Helpful websites:

Useful Dates:

6th June 2022 - Back to school after half term

8th June 2022 - World Ocean Day

29th June 2022 - Sports Day

8th July 2022 - Race for Life

20th July 2022 - National Friendship Day

20th July 2022 - Summer Fayre

21st July 2022 - Last day of term