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Summer 2

Wow! I cannot believe how quickly this final half term has come around! I would just like to say how proud I am how the children have come on, both academically and emotionally. 

I am honoured to have been able to support and care for your child these last few months and thank you to all the parents and carers for being fabulously supportive.

-Miss Greenwood

Literacy & History

We will be combining our Literacy and History learning; learning all about explorers of the past and present including the space explorers Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We will then move onto world explorers, such as David Attenborough and Christopher Columbus. Each week we will start with a non – fiction story leading us onto past then present, we’ve already learnt many new facts!

We will use our knowledge to write fact sheets, diaries and letters.

Key vocabulary

Achievement, beyond living memory, coat of arms, determination, discovery, equipment, event, exploration, explorer, historical significance, living memory, North Pole, past, present, qualities, remember, resilience, solo, timeline, transport, voyage, yacht


We will be exploring capacity, length and height, as well as beginning to look at money in our maths lessons, through lots of practical activities. We will also be learning about numbers within 100.

We will also be focusing on formation of our digits and the spellings of our numbers.

Key vocabulary

Capacity, millilitre, litre, measure, length, centimetre, metre, height, money, coin, pound, pence


In Science, we will continue to learn about seasonal change and animals including humans. Year 1 enjoy science and are always eager to learn new facts about the world around us.

Key vocabulary

Seasons, changes, autumn, winter, spring, summer, fish amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals carnivores, herbivores, omnivores


In PE we will continue to practise for our upcoming sports day by learning new techniques, including vortex throwing, in addition to our classic favourites egg and spoon race and space hoppers! We have been running and jumping and most importantly we have been cheering each other on and persevering in every new experience we encounter (including Miss Greenwood having a go at sack racing!)

Key vocabulary

Vortex, throw, egg and spoon, space hopper, running, jumping

Design and technology

Design and technology is all about wheels and axles so we are going to be designing and making our own vehicles. A big thank you for all the junk so far to help us make this happen.

Key vocabulary

Design, make, evaluate, wheels, axles, vehicle


We will focus on the beliefs and celebrations of Judaism, and compare these to other religions.

Key vocabulary

Judaism, Jewish, Passover, Hanukkah, festival, celebration


We will be having a go at being superheroes in music and using our voices to explore various pitch and tempos.

Key vocabulary

Accelerando, high, pitched, low pitch, perform, performance, pitch, pitch pattern, tempo


In Computing, we will be designing and creating our own photographic story this half term and learning to edit our finished piece. We will use the internet to search for images and use these to create the story.

Key vocabulary

Background, blurred, camera, clear, crop, delete, device, digital, camera, download, drag and drop, edit, editing, software, filter, image, import, internet, keyword, online, photograph, resize, save as, screen, search engine, sequence, software, storage space, visual, effects


We will learn about economic wellbeing, linked to our money learning in maths. We will discuss how to save money, what to do with the responsibility of having money and ideas of how to be smart with money.

The adults will be supporting your child emotionally into the transition to year 2 and trying to answer and solve any questions they may have.

Key vocabulary

Economic well-being, money, cash, card, saving, bank

Key dates

6.6.23 - Start of term

28.6.23 – Summer Fayre

11.7.23 - Reports issued

13.7.23 - Move up day

19.7.23 – Last day of term